Privacy Policy

We at Greenstone’s Fine Jewelers (herein “The Company”)  have drafted the following policy to notify you as to what information we will collect and how that data will be used to better your shopping experience. We may make changes to this policy from time to time, all of which will be noted on this page. It will be up to you to review the content on this page as often as you wish, and we invite you to do so on a regular basis. By using this site, you agree to this policy and the terms stipulated therein. We verify that this is the complete policy and that this is the most recently updated version. The information contained here supersedes any collected from an earlier version of this page.

Data Collected

The Company has the right to store, catalog and utilize the following information:

  • Data concerning your usage of our site, including your IP address, location, type of computer, the source of referral, the length of your visit and the pages you viewed.
  • Information concerning transactions you carried out on our site, including your shipping address, purchase history and credit card number. Credit card information will be encrypted at the time of purchase.
  • Any personal data you provided when you registered on our site.
  • Any personal data you provided when you subscribed to any services offered by our site, including newsletters or email notifications.
  • Any other information which you chose to send us for whatever reason.
  • This data is collected to improve your experience on our site, to make shopping more convenient and to gauge which products and services are most beneficial to our clients. None of this data will be divulged to any third parties that are not specifically involved with a given transaction. Please let us know if any of the personal information we’ve collected about you in the past needs to be updated.


Cookies are files which contain unique identifiers sent by servers to web browsers. The browser then stores the data. Every time that server is accessed the data is called up, allowing the server to identify the specific web browser, and therefore the client utilizing it. We use cookies to store your personal information so that you may use it again at a later date, and to track what products and information might be most relevant to you. Our site will utilize both session and specific cookies to improve your overall experience. Session cookies may be used to improve site security, track pages visited and make sure the items in your shopping cart stay consistent. Persistent cookies may be used to store your personal data over time and keep track of your preferences. Some of the information collected through cookies will be used for analytical data to improve your experience on our site. Most browsers allow you to block cookies. You have every right to do so. However, this will make our site more inconvenient to use, as many of your preferences will not be stored.

Using Your Information

Personal information submitted to The Company via this site can legally be used in the following ways:

  • To administer our site
  • To improve your experience on the site by using analytic data to make appropriate changes.
  • To learn which products most interest you so that we can make your shopping experience more relevant.
  • To make the website easier and more convenient to use by personalizing the site based upon your history on
  • it, including whatever preferences you’ve specified.
  • To allow you to use the services available on the site with ease.
  • To send you any goods or provide you with any services ordered.
  • To collect payment from you, and to send statements and invoices to you regarding that payment and the
  • product(s) or service(s) you purchased.
  • To send you communications about news, promotions or events related to The Company (though you are free
  • to opt out of these communications at any time).
  • To send you any email notifications you requested from us.
  • To provide analytical information to third parties. Note that this information will not be personal to you, but will be an overview of our users’ overall preferences.
  • To verify or dispute any claims or complaints made by or about you concerning your experience on our site.
  • To more accurately answer any questions you might have about your relationship to our site or service.
  • To prevent fraud and improve overall security.
  • To verify your compliance with our terms and conditions.
  • We will use and publish the personal information you have submitted to us in accordance with your specific privacy settings. Some, though not all, of these settings, can be altered to your discretion. We will never provide third parties with your information for the purpose of direct marketing unless you request that we do so. We will share only data related to your transaction with these parties.


We will not disclose any personal information for reasons not specified in this privacy policy. However, we may disclose your information if we are required to by law, in relation to any prospective or ongoing legal matters or to establish or defend our legal rights. Should any aspect of our company be bought or sold to another party, we would share any relevant personal data with said party. These are the only exceptions to the conditions described elsewhere in this privacy policy.

Security of Your Information

We will take reasonable action to attempt to prevent your data from being lost, misused or altered. All data is stored on secure servers and any electronic transactions carried out are encrypted. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any data sent to us online. When you submit data to The Company, or any online service, you do so with the knowledge that there is an inherent danger in sending information over the internet. You are wholly responsible for keeping your password and login details confidential. Should you divulge this data, The Company cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

Your Legally Held Rights

You may, at any time, request any personal information about you that we have held. This includes your transaction history and any information you have submitted online. To receive this data you will need to supply evidence confirming your identity. Additional fees may apply based upon the nature of the request submitted. We may have the legal right to withhold specific pieces of personal information under certain conditions.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy and the policies contained therein please contact us.